Well, I thought I was done with nog, but as my schedule cleared, I decided to drive on up to Dracut, MA to pay a visit to Shaw Farm, an adorable little place with a very impressive store. In the window beside the store, you could see the milk processing facility, and the farm itself was just across the street. I bought some Nog, of course, and some pretty good ice cream, and some cheese that's still sitting in my fridge, as it probably will until i put it into the freezer. The nog did fairly well, although it was a bit thin. It had a perfect mouthfeel: eggy almost to the point of gooeyness. The color and aroma were spot-on, but the taste was a bit lacking. Delicious milk undertones felt wasted by not enough nog flavor. All in all, it's a pretty good nog, but if you're going up north, it's best to just go to New Hampshire and buy Oakhurst.

Also, below is an updated scoresheet, including Shaw Farm.
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