I have been pretty lazy about my blog lately. Probably because I now have actual classes. Yes, you see, until last week, I only had two classes (Literature and Nutrition), but now I have two culinary classes, which each run 6 hours in length, and occupy much of my time and energy. They both have regular homework assignments, and my other two classes coincidentally just started to assign more homework (or so it seems). So there's that. But I've still been cooking and taking pictures of everything I cook, so fear not! As soon as I can will myself to write a snippit on each dish, I'll submit an entry about them.

In other news, I inherited about 10# of pre-sliced button mushrooms from the Newbury College cafeteria, which intended to throw them away. They're perfectly good. A bit oxidized, but that's all. So expect to see a lot of mushrooms in my food in the near future. If you have any suggestions for what to do with them, please submit them. I'm in no danger of running out!

Today, I hope to have an entry in food and opinions. But I'm also chipping away at some homework, so wish me luck.

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