Well I am officially going to start posting regularly. A new entry in the opinions section should start appearing every week or so, and I'm just going to start taking a picture and writing a brief entry about everything I cook (those entries, needless to say, will appear in food), starting tonight!!! Get excited!!!
Well, what was going to be a short hiatus for my tropical holiday vacation turned into a one-month lapse in my newly found love of blogging. Alas, I have returned with a new section: food! In food, I will post details of most things I cook, just for fun, and some things I eat. Also, I have preserved some pomegranate arils in a number of different ways, and will soon post the results of that. Keep reading!
Well, here it is. The launch of my entirely self-indulgent website. I will probably use this to post my thoughts and feelings (read: blathering rants) about what is happening in the food world according to me. Also, I plan to do cool experiments using wacky hardware and sometimes dangerous chemicals. At the moment, I am finishing work on my egg nog report, wherein I evaluate the qualities of eleven different brands of egg nog, available in the Boston area, and see what they're all good at. I will be freezing many, baking some into cookies, and analyzing all.